Friday, August 10, 2012

The Latin Quarter of Paris, France denotes something extra special by its namesake. No its not connected with Latin America, or the people of Latin America, but is drawn back to an era in which the Paris region was patt of the Roman Empire, and wherefore the Latin was the language of its commercial and later, after the fall of the Roman Empire the Roman Catholic Church in which the Latin language was preserved. Here is where you find roving club - hopping young intellectual, romantic seekers - mostly International visitors, and a Varity of entertainers and performers who as a result of learning their cultural and performance craft as performers or support staff-producers prefers to live in this sector of Paris, France - especially when they had already achieved a level of career success: thus here you will find a concentration of entertainment intellectuals mixing in which intellectuals - mostly who are retires of French academia - with a younger mistress in tow - with artists of all sorts, including those of the cooking arts.. These are the very peoples who keep the city of Paris, France innovative in the production of French entertainment and its impacts leadership through-out the World.